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AIG Funds Podcast

State of leveraged finance market. A conversation with David Albrycht, CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer at Newfleet Asset Management, subadviser for AIG Flexible Credit Fund.

Featured Funds

AIG Flexible Credit Fund

The Fund seeks a high level of total return by investing in floating rate loans and high-yield bonds, two of the best-performing asset classes in the global financial markets since 2008.

AIG Focused Dividend Strategy Fund

The Fund seeks total return (including capital appreciation and current income) by employing a “buy and hold” strategy involving the annual selection of up to 30 high dividend yielding common stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and broader market.

Investment Insights

Bank Loans Can Act as a Hedge to Rising Rates

The AIG Senior Floating Rate Bond Fund offers rising income potential and inflation protection.

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