As of August 31, 2011, 82.4% of the Fund’s net assets represented investments in fixed income and short-term securities, 9.4% in commodity-linked notes, 2.3% in hedge fund-linked notes, 2.8% in ETFs, 2.7% in purchased options and 0.4% in other assets and liabilities. These percentages represent the value of the Fund’s holdings that are used to calculate the net asset value of the Fund. Certain types of derivative instruments (e.g., futures), however, are not reflected in the portfolio of investments that is used to determine the Fund’s NAV, or may be reflected at market value even though the investment exposure may differ from this value (e.g., structured notes).  Because the Fund makes use of a variety of investment strategies and techniques that use derivatives, listed below is additional information about certain Fund investments. It is important to note that the investments listed below do not represent all of the Fund’s holdings, but rather are intended to illustrate the Fund’s investment exposure to certain asset classes, including through some of the Fund’s derivative holdings. Please refer to the Fund’s annual and semi-annual shareholder reports for a complete list of the Fund’s holdings. The portfolio is actively managed and its holdings and composition are subject to change.