Gross operating expenses: Class A: 1.71%; Class C: 2.65%; Class W: 2.14%. Net operating expenses: Class A: 1.13%; Class C: 1.78%; Class W: 0.93%. Pursuant to an Expense Limitation Agreement, the net expense ratio includes the contractual expense cap (Class A: 1.13%; Class C: 1.78%; Class W: 0.93%) and other management fee waivers, as more fully described in the Fund’s prospectus, and it also reflects any acquired fund fees and expenses (“AFFEs”). AFFEs are not subject to the contractual expense cap, which is why the net expense ratio may exceed the contractual expense cap of each respective share class (Class A: 1.13%; Class C: 1.78%; Class W: 0.93%).  The Fund’s contractual fee waiver and expense reimbursement will continue in effect indefinitely, unless terminated by the Board of Directors, including a majority of the Independent Directors.  Waivers and/or reimbursements may be subject to recoupment within two years.