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The best way to learn more about AIG Funds is through your financial adviser. Looking for Variable Annuities from AIG?




To speak with a customer service representative, you may call us at 800-858-8850 Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Eastern time and select one of the following:

  • If you wish to speak with one of our employees, press 1
  • For sales-related inquiries about our Funds, or to request literature, press 2
  • If you would like to obtain automated account information including account balances, Fund prices, order duplicate statements and tax forms, or to process a transaction, press 3
  • If you are a financial advisor and would like to speak with one of our customer service representatives, press 4
  • If you are a shareholder and would like to speak with one of our customer service representatives, press 5



For 24–hour automated account and fund information call FastFacts at 800-654-4760. FastFacts allows you to:

  • Find fund price and dividend information
  • Obtain your account balance and perform transactions (redeem, exchange)
  • Order duplicate statements and check books
  • Hear fund objectives and order literature
  • Hear our mailing and wiring instructions
  • Obtain year-end information and order duplicate tax forms



  • New account applications, purchases, account inquiries, and transaction requests can be sent via regular mail to:

    AIG Funds
    PO Box 219186
    Kansas City, MO 64121-9186

  • Express, Certified and Registered Mail should be sent to:

    AIG Funds
    430 W 7th Street, STE 219186
    Kansas City, MO 64105-1407



For your protection, we do not accept customer account-related inquiries via e-mail. Investors should contact Shareholder Dealer Services via phone at 800-858-8850, Option 5 with any account-related inquiries.