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AIG Focused Dividend Strategy Fund

Uses a proprietary rules-based process to invest in up to 30 high dividend-yielding stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Russell 1000 index.

AIG Focused Multi-Cap Growth Fund

Seeks growth of capital through a focused portfolio consisting of the portfolio managers' highest confidence stock-picking ideas across growth companies of all market capitalizations.

AIG Focused Alpha Large-Cap Fund

Seeks growth of capital through a focused portfolio consisting of the portfolio managers’ highest confidence stock-picking ideas across growth and value stocks of large-cap companies.

AIG International Dividend Strategy Fund

Seeks total return including capital appreciation and current income by investing primarily in high dividend yielding equity securities of non-U.S. companies.

AIG Japan Fund

Seeks long-term capital appreciation by actively trading securities of Japanese companies and other investments that are tied economically to Japan.

AIG Flexible Credit Fund

Seeks a high level of total return by investing in floating rate loans and high-yield bonds.

AIG Senior Floating Rate Fund

Invests primarily in senior floating rate bank loans, which can provide attractive yields, along with the potential for capital appreciation and inflation protection.

AIG Strategic Bond Fund

Offers the potential for high current income by diversifying assets across four global fixed income markets: U.S. investment-grade bonds, U.S. high yield bonds, emerging market bonds and non-U.S. government bonds.

AIG Strategic Value Fund

Seeks to provide long-term growth of capital by investing in the top 100 companies in the Russell 3000 Value Index, ranked by proprietary valuation and profitability metrics.

AIG U.S. Government Securities Fund

Seeks high current income consistent with relative safety of capital by investing primarily in securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government.

AIG ESG Dividend Fund Fact Sheet

The AIG ESG Dividend Fund seeks to provide total return (including capital appreciation and current income) by investing in companies that incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) social responsibility strategies.

AIG Income Explorer Fund

Seeks high current income with a secondary objective of capital appreciation.

AIG Small-Cap Fund

Seeks long-term growth of capital.

AIG Select Dividend Growth Fund

Seeks capital appreciation and current income.

AIG Commodity Strategy Fund

Seeks to provide long-term total return through a strategy that is designed to provide diversified exposure to the commodities markets.