AIG Multi-Asset Allocation Fund

Class A: FASAX • Class B: FMABX • Class C: FMATX

Finding Growth Opportunities: Navigating Today’s Market Using a Combination of Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives

The AIG Multi-Asset Allocation Fund seeks growth of capital by allocating assets to a combination of AIG equity and income funds, as well as the AIG Commodity Strategy Fund. Part of the allocation also includes exposure to international equity and fixed-income assets. This global allocation strategy may help enhance diversification, lower overall portfolio volatility and offer uncorrelated return potential.

Key Benefits of Investing in the Fund:

  • Enhance return potential through multiple asset classes. Access a full range of asset classes, from traditional equities and fixed income to more creative investments like managed futures, commodities and hedge fund strategies.
  • Manage volatility through asset allocation. The asset allocation policy of a portfolio can help determine its performance. The Fund uses its asset allocation strategy to diversify assets, which may enhance returns and lower volatility.
  • Use the expertise of professional money managers to help deliver results. Clients may benefit from an experienced portfolio management team that relies on in-depth proprietary research. They may also benefit from the knowledge and resources of the underlying fund managers.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit, nor does it protect against loss.