AIG Multi-Asset Allocation Fund

Class A: FASAX • Class B: FMABX • Class C: FMATX

Finding Growth Opportunities: Navigating Today’s Market Using a Combination of Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives

Global equity markets experienced heightened volatility in 2011, with U.S. stocks ending the year flat while many fixed-income securities saw strong returns, with U.S. Treasuries leading the way. Alternative strategies that incorporated currencies, futures or long/short investments delivered mixed results, but with less volatility than many equity-based investments.

The wide disparity in performance between global equities, bonds and alternative strategies emphasized the important role diversification and asset allocation may play in helping to limit overall portfolio losses and enhance capital appreciation potential.

The AIG Multi-Asset Allocation Fund seeks growth of capital by allocating assets to a combination of SunAmerica equity and income funds, as well as the SunAmerica Alternative Strategies Fund. Part of the allocation also includes exposure to international equity and fixed-income assets. This global allocation strategy may help enhance diversification, lower overall portfolio volatility and offer uncorrelated return potential.

Key Benefits of Investing in the Fund:

  • Enhance return potential through multiple asset classes. Access a full range of asset classes, from traditional equities and fixed income to more creative investments like managed futures, commodities and hedge fund strategies.
  • Manage volatility through asset allocation. The asset allocation policy of a portfolio determines more than 91% of its returns.1 The Fund uses its asset allocation strategy to diversify assets, which may enhance returns and lower volatility.
  • Use the expertise of professional money managers to help deliver results. Clients may benefit from an experienced portfolio management team that relies on in-depth proprietary research. They may also benefit from the knowledge and resources of the underlying fund managers.

1Source: Gary P. Brinson, Brian D. Singer and Gilbert L. Beebower, Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update, Financial Analysts Journal, May/Jun 1991.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit, nor does it protect against loss.