Have you scheduled a Beneficiary Checkup?

From AIG Funds

Don’t overlook the importance of updating your beneficiary designations

An incorrect or outdated beneficiary can result in not just disinheritance for someone you love, but also the inability to stretch the income benefits of your IRA over multiple generations. You may miss out on the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for your spouse, children and grandchildren. Plus, your beneficiaries may also be burdened with a higher income tax on your estate!

Schedule a Beneficiary Checkup with your financial advisor

He or she can make sure your beneficiary designations are consistent with your estate planning needs and help ensure that you have the right beneficiary to build a strong legacy.

Plus, if you’re not happy with the investments in your IRA or need professional advice on where to allocate your money, a dedicated financial advisor can help you decide if a rollover is right for you and create a customized investment strategy that fits your specific profile.