Stretch IRAs

From AIG Funds

Extend the income from an IRA over multiple generations

What is a Stretch IRA? A stretch IRA is not a new product or a special kind of IRA. It’s simply a strategy that you can use to extend your IRA benefits to cover your spouse, children and even grandchildren. You and your family can help ensure that IRA distributions last as long as 50 years or more by:

  • Naming the right beneficiary
  • Taking the required minimum distributions every year
  • Using stretch techniques such as splitting accounts

The stretch IRA strategy assumes that neither the investor nor his/her spouse needs the assets for current income and that tax laws and IRS rules remain constant for the life of the IRA. Please consult with your financial advisor to find out more about stretch IRAs.


Stretch vs. No Stretch



Find out if it makes sense to stretch your IRA. Contact your financial advisor for details.