Save More with Traditional IRAs

From AIG Funds

What is a Traditional IRA? 

Traditional IRAs are retirement savings accounts that allow individual taxpayers to invest on a tax-deferred basis.

Key benefits of a Traditional IRA

  • The power of tax deferral: With an IRA, you won’t pay income tax on any gains until they are withdrawn—typically at retirement, when you may be in a lower tax bracket. 
  • Tax deductions: Contributions to IRAs may be tax deductible, depending on factors such as income, marital status and whether or not you have a retirement plan at work. Find out how much you can deduct per year.
  • Diverse investment options: Choose from a wide range of equity and fixed-income options. Some IRAs even offer alternative assets such as commodities and real estate.
  • Professional money management—Access the expertise of leading money managers. 


Contact your financial or tax advisor to see if a Traditional IRA is right for you!