What Should Your Consider Before Rolling Over Your Assets

From AIG Funds

One of the keys to making a smart rollover decision is to have a clear understanding of your financial situation. 

Has your financial situation changed since you first contributed to your IRA or company-sponsored plan? Before making a rollover decision, it’s important to review your current investment objectives, retirement income needs and estate planning goals.  Your answers to the following questions can help point you in the right direction:

Investment objectives

  • When are you planning to retire?
  • Do you need the assets in your retirement nest egg for income?
  • Is leaving a legacy to your children or other beneficiaries a priority?


Retirement income needs

  • Will your retirement income keep up with rising costs?
  • Are you concerned about outliving your retirement income?


Estate planning goals

  • Are you concerned about taxes and market volatility?
  • Would you like to stretch the income from your IRA for multiple generations?