Order Statements

Looking for a copy of your statement?

Please log in to View Your Account, where you can view statements and also order tax forms. You may also contact AIG Funds to order duplicate statements or tax forms. 

Please note:

  • Recent statements may be requested free of charge from the website.  Also, statements dated as far back as 1996 may be requested free of charge from our Customer Service Dept. 
  • Please call 800.858.8850, ext. 6010 to speak with a Mutual Fund Specialist between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.
  • Statements prior to 1996 are archived and available from the Research Dept. for a charge of $5 per account per year, with a maximum charge of $25.

Please send written correspondence, referencing your name, account number, and social security number, along with a check, to the following:


Regular Mail:                                   Overnight Mail:

AIG Funds                                                AIG Funds
Attn: Research Dept.                           Attn: Research Dept.
PO Box 219186                                      430 W 7th Street Suite 219186        
Kansas City MO 64105-9186            Kansas City MO  64105


Checks should be made payable to AIG Funds. Please be advised it may take up to three weeks to receive duplicate statements or tax forms.

For further information, you can call us at: 800-858-8850 ext. 6010 or contact us.